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Marriage is, by your own free choices as a responsible agent made in the image of God, actively writing your story with another person.

Marriage is in the inexorable sovereign authorship of the divine creator passively being written into a story that you do not and cannot control.

Marriage is living into this story, which is more beautiful and broken, more frustrating and fulfilling than you would have ever expected.

Marriage is the most pleasurable and most painful experience on the planet.

Marriage will generate life within you, and marriage will rip the soul out of you.

Marriage is looking into the eyes of your beloved and thinking, “How did I get so lucky?”

Marriage is looking into the eyes of the person you feel like you don’t know, and wondering if you have made a huge mistake.

Marriage is living with someone who will in the best ways react exactly how you expect her to.

Marriage is living with someone who will in the worst ways react exactly how you expect him to.

Marriage is living in a story where the other character will surprise you in the best and worst ways.

Marriage is intimacy multiple times per day and waiting months between for medical reasons.

Marriage is doing the dishes, and it’s watching Netflix too late at night.

Marriage is the mundane rhythm and routine of the regular schedule, and marriage is the spontaneous decision to drive to Nashville because that’s where the closest Jack-in-the-Box is.

Marriage is weekends at the beach and weekdays traveling for funerals.

Marriage is praying for kids and wondering why you had a miscarriage. Marriage is seeing your wife’s belly grow big and birthing a beautiful baby boy or girl.

Marriage is the grimy and gritty exposure of the worst of you, and marriage is the glorious withdrawal of the very best of you.

Marriage is a compromise because you like to get up early and she likes to stay up late, and you figure it out.

Marriage is learning that your wife likes Coke with extra ice and that she wants an extra pump of toffee nut in her latte.

Marriage is not getting to go hang with the boys or the girls whenever you want, because there’s another person who’s more important than they are.

Marriage is being cold and giving her your jacket anyway.

Marriage is reading the Bible together at night when you’re tired.

Marriage is praying together when you’re angry .

Marriage is always being the first one to say “I’m sorry,” without explanation or justification.

Marriage is saying “I forgive you,” immediately, without withholding it.

Marriage is being at some times delighted and at other times disgusted with the other person.

Marriage is a severe story of God sanctifying grace, and marriage is a delightful tale of God’s glorious commitment to his bride.

Marriage is doing something sacrificial because you love the wife, and you want to surprise her, and then she gets irritated with you for doing it.

Marriage is not 50–50, it’s 100–100, but even more than that it’s 100–0; because sometimes one of you has nothing more that you can give in that moment.

Marriage is strongly bringing confidence to the other person’s deepest places of insecurity and tenderly deflating his places of most swelling pride.

Marriage is a long tight hug after you’ve been bickering all day.

Marriage is a microcosm of the most beautiful love story, written in the time before time, when God saved his church through his Son.

Marriage is realizing that in vision of God your union is intended for a faithful lifetime, and yet for dissolving; because on the day death separates you, or Jesus comes back, the glorious reality of marriage that will define the rest of your life will yield to the glorious reality of union with Christ that will define the rest of your eternity.

Walking with Jesus, @LauraSlavich, our kids, and the @CrossUnitedSFL fam in the warm breezes of sunny SoFla

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