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“I defy your ranks,
I dare you: Come at me!

Who are you with your hashtags?
Your heavily edited videos?

Dam up my funding?
I’ve got connected friends.
As one said, ‘Good luck with that.’

For decades I’ve owned you,
look at all these standing with me.”

The giant laughed.

“Another one dead?
He probably deserved it,
whether he could breathe or not.
You know how they are.

Trend up that hashtag,
see where it gets you.

Don’t mess with the badge,
it’s heavy and strong.”

The giant stomped.

“Bring your small, and your weak,
your heavily laden,
the bruised and the flickering.
March them toward me,
I’ll end their misery.”

The giant proudly
shook his huge head.

(While it was still on him).

Written by

Walking with Jesus, @LauraSlavich, our kids, and the @CrossUnitedSFL fam in the warm breezes of sunny SoFla

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